3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Toy Story 4

Oh the memories

Ah, my favorite childhood film. Toy Story is the best. Its concept is not only for children, but for people of all ages. I watched this movie when I was a kid, a few days ago I watched it when I’m 26 years old, and I still enjoyed it!

Toy Story 4 was a great film(come to think of it, 1-3 was also great, everything about this series is great). Not only was I entertained by the movies, but each movie seems to have a few life lessons that you can apply to your life.

In Toy Story 4, these are the lessons I’ve learned(along with the movie quotes):

  1. “Be who you are right now.” -Bo Peep
    Bo Peep said this to Duke Caboom when Duke was losing confidence in himself. He was comparing himself to other more successful Duke Caboom toys. Bo Peep said this to raise his confidence in helping them get Forky back.

    While this was meant to be a pep talk, you can learn something here. How many of you compare yourself everyday to other people, especially people who you think are “better” than you? I say don’t compare yourself! You have to realize that everyone is different from you. Everyone is unique in their own way. Just like Duke Caboom in the movie who’s more prone to crashing than other toys.
  2. “Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.” – Woody
    In the movie, Woody did his best to be there for his owner, Bonnie. Even if he was not picked usually as the favorite toy, he still did his best to serve and help her.

    Of course, parents everywhere can relate to this. Being there for your children is a very noble task, no matter how hard it is. Even if you’re not a parent, you can be there for someone and help them make their lives happier. You can be there for your friend, classmate, co-worker, business partner, teammate, acquaintance, etc.
  3. “If you sit on a shelf for the rest of your life, you”ll never find out.” -Woody
    Woody said this to Gabby Gabby after she just got rejected by a girl who she wholeheartedly believe that will take her. It shattered her and left her broken inside. When Woody was about to return to Bonnie, he noticed Gabby Gabby and thought that he can help her too(this is why Woody is my favorite character). Eventually, Woody and the others found a girl who was glad to take Gabby Gabby home.

    How about you? How many times were you afraid to do something you wanted to do? How many times did you let a simple rejection break your confidence? If you never actually try to do what you want or to achieve your goal, then you’ll never get what you want. You also can’t let rejection or failure stand in the way of your goals or dreams. Chase your dreams, work towards your goals, and always remember to never give up!

I love Toy Story, I love how it teaches you life lessons that are important. I’m sad that this might be the last movie of the franchise since…well you know what happened if you watched the movie. I say farewell to the Toy Story gang. To Infinity…and beyond!

I didn’t know Keanu Reeves voiced this character

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